We partner with the largest institutional landlords and property managers in the UK.

If you manage a Build To Rent development or 10 units in the same location, join us to expand your customer base and improve sales.

Why list with us?


Improved sales

Free listing on our website and top channels to improve branding and SEO keyword search.

free services

Low commission

No let, no fee. Payable after tenants move in at a much lower rate than traditional letting agents.


Live reservation

Minimise calls, viewings and paperwork. Just final-check tenants' Rights To Rent on the moving date.


Dedicated partner

We are the only full-scope platform solely focused on Build To Rent.


Dynamic pricing

Our portal gives access to the entire market, thus facilitates transparent and flexible pricing.

Landlord Help

Landlord payment

Listing is completely free. You can list as many properties as you want and set your rent.

Once a tenant pays to book your place, we charge a 3% commission, proportional to the length of the tenan's stay. For example, if a tenant books a 6-month contract at £700 per month, our commission is only £126.

Our commission is deducted from the first month of rent. After this, the tenant must pay in full to you.

You can edit bank and invoice details in your Landlord Dashboard. If you are based in the UK only an account number and a sort code are required.

We will follow up with each landlord and tenant and will request commission for any leads we introduce. We are happy for landlords and tenants to communicate freely because it is in everyone's best interest. We fully trust our landlord partners and hope their businesses blossom.

Your tenants

A tenan's details are available on our platform after the tenant has paid their first month rent and deposit and all reference checks were performed successfully. Landlords can view these details by logging in to their accounts and check outstanding requests.

Landlords should expect to see the following details:
• Name
• Age
• Gender
• Nationality
• Reason to move (study abroad, professional placement, or other)
• Reference check inputs & results

Yes, you can message the tenant via our platform or contact them directly using the information we provide.

If you can't accept a tenancy request due to unavailability and you want to suggest a different move-in date and terms, please update your property listing and respond to the request. We will contact the tenant to resolve this.

If there is no solution you can offer, please cancel the booking request and we will refund the tenant.

Every tenant is entitled to a 48-hour safety policy. During the first 48 hours after a tenant moves in, they are entitled to file a complaint if your property's conditions don't reflect what was advertised in your listing.

If we realise this is true, the tenant is entitled to receive an entire refund of the first month's rent and deposit paid when they completed the booking.

You should contact our Support team as soon as possible. We will get in touch with your tenant and give them a 7-day move-in deadline.

If the tenant shows up, we will transfer you the first month's rent and deposit, minus our commission. As usual, every rent after that will be directly paid to you by your tenant through your preferred payment method.

If the tenant doesn’t show up, we will transfer you the first month's rent, minus our commission, and will contact the tenant to refund their deposit. We will also update your calendar availability on our platform.

Please note that you have 24 hours to inform us that your tenant didn’t show up on the move-in date; that is, before we transfer you the first month's rent.

Here are a list of things are important to know before your tenant moves in:
1. Prepare to perform a Right To Rent check on their move-in date. We have reminded them but it is always worth confirming, given it is a legal requirement.
2. Get in touch and get to know them a bit.
3. Remind them that the first month's rent was paid through Build To Rent, but all of the following ones are paid directly to the landlords. Define with them the time and payment method you prefer.
4. Instruct them to set up utility bills and change of address.
5. Remind them of your property rules. Let them know what is allowed and what isn't to make sure everything goes smoothly.

We hope both of you have a great experience!

Your listing

Click here to create a listing. You can add as many properties as you want.

You should log in to your account, check all listed properties and make changes to anything you like.

Yes, you can save your listing and return at any time. If you have any issue, please contact us.


You have 48 hours to respond to a tenancy request, with 3 options: Accept, decline, or suggest changes. You can reply directly in the email you receive or you can do so on your Landlord Dashboard.

Since a tenant pays in advance and we have performed reference checks prior to sending you their request, a booking is automatically confirmed in our system once you accept their request. This means the contract becomes legally binding and is no longer cancellable.

Accepting a tenancy request means the tenancy contract becomes legally binding. There is nothing you actively have to perform after this. We will transfer you the first month's rent and deposit 48 hours after they move in. You can find your new tenan's personal and contact information on your Landlord Dashboard.

Once you have listed on Build To Rent, you will have access to your Landlord Dashboard. This is where you can manage all of your tenancy requests and confirmed bookings.

In your Dashboard you can:

  • Accept, decline or suggest changes to tenancy requests

  • Check your confirmed bookings

  • Know more information about your tenants

  • Review your bookings history

  • Edit and manage your listings, including availability calendar and rent

Pricing & Availability

Yes! Because we connect all Build To Rent and corporate landlords, we are able to benchmark your properties versus others and recommend a rent price for your listing. Our rent recommendation considers details stated in your listing, such as location, amenities, number of bedrooms, size, current demand and supply.

Yes we do. We collect this deposit and the first month rent from a tenant when they make a tenancy request, and transfer both amounts to the landlords 48 hours after the tenant moves in (minus our commission). While with us, these two amounts stay in our Client Money Account, fully insured and backed by the government's deposit scheme.

Landlords will be responsible for registering this deposit with a deposit scheme of their choice. At the end of the tenancy agreement, a tenant will contact their landlords directly to receive this deposit.

It's important that your properties are up-to-date on prices and whether they are free or not during the next few months. This allows people to know if your place is available in the period that they are needing it. Every time that you update a property, it immediately rises to the top of our search results. By updating your availability calendar more often, you will receive more requests.

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