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What is Build To Rent?

Build To Rent is a new type of rental properties that is built, owned and managed by institutional landlords and property managers. This is different from traditional private letting where an individual landlord owns the property and manages it himself, or instructs an agent to manage it.

Housing quality and scale of operations are the key differences. Most Build To Rent properties were built in the last 2-4 years following strict NHBC quality standards and are regularly maintained as part of the whole development. A private-let property could be ex-council and much older with maintenance subject to landlords' budget.

When something goes wrong in a Build To Rent property, onsite management has readily available tools and resources for immediate fix. A private landlord can be slower and less responsive.

You certainly can although you don't have to. Traditionally, tenants always have to view a property before renting because quality is never guaranteed and photos are over-edited. With Build To Rent's high building quality and pro-active management, instant renting becomes 100% possible.

Having said that, you are still very welcome to view any property you like by contacting its managers. We want you to be happy with your choices.

Our partners are the largest landlords and property managers in the UK and globally, who have nothing but first-class reputation for delivering excellent projects and customer satisfaction. See a list of them here. [Link]

We are the only full-scope portal focusing on Build To Rent properties. By listing all developments on our website and streamlining the whole process, we help bring many more choices to tenants at the most competitive prices.

We aim to be the Amazon of the property market where renting takes minutes, not weeks like it used to.

Booking & Eligibility

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Anyone over the age of 18 who passes our tenant referencing and affordability checks can rent via us.

We also have many student-friendly properties which usually request advance payment.

We will contact you directly to resolve all issues. If you cannot pass it, the contract becomes invalid and we will issue full refund of all your payments.

Our partner Credit Ladder will need a proof of ID, proof of address and will request access to your bank statements to complete these checks.

Credit Ladder is a leading pioneer in Open Banking technology and is regulated by the FCA.


We accept debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Alipay, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal and bank transfer. Our bank account is:
Barclays Bank
B2Rent Ltd
Account number: 83025136
Sort code: 20-41-50
IBAN: GB74BUKB20415083025136

For bank transfers from a UK bank account, you only need our account number and sort code.

All tenants have to pay the first month's rent when signing contract. This will be kept by us and will only be released to the landlord 48 hours after you have moved in. Future payments are made directly to your landlords or property managers.

Some landlords also request a deposit which will be held in a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme. This deposit will be returned as long as you meet the terms of your tenancy agreement, do not damage the property and pay your rent and bills.

If you do not pass our tenant reference check, all monies received by us will be refunded.

You can only cancel your request before the landlords accept it. Once they have accepted, the contract becomes legally binding and is not cancellable.

You should contact the property managers directly to receive your deposit.

No, there are no maintenance costs payable by tenants.

Renewing by the same tenants is normally free of charge. Other requests may incur extra costs, subject to property policy. This will be detailed in your contract.

Moving in

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This is subject to property availability and we always try to help accommodate our tenants. Please get in touch should you need to change anything after signing contracts.

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