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The Advantages and Disadvantages of an All-Bills-Included Apartment

An all-bills-included apartment for rent includes the cost of utilities, council tax and other payments in the rent price. It can help with budgeting, reduce the chances of a missed payment penalty and can improve your credit score.

Last updated October 22, 2020 by Build To Rent

Finding the right apartment to rent can be an uphill task. From the security deposit, tenant reference check to pet policy, there is plenty you need to consider. It’s also important you find out how much rent you are expected to pay and what is included in it. Most private landlords offer a standard rental contract that does not have any extra amenities. However, if you are renting a Build To Rent property, then you can expect to enjoy several perks, such as an all-inclusive rent package.

Besides the rent, these packages are inclusive of other costs, such as utility bills, internet, council tax and more. Depending on your preferences and lifestyle, an all bills included apartment for rent is a great way to streamline your bill payments. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of renting such properties.

  1. What Payments Are Included in All-Inclusive Rent Package?
  2. Advantages of Renting an All-Bills-Included Apartment?
  3. Disadvantages of Renting an All-Bills-Included Apartment?
  4. Where Can You Find An Apartment With An All-Inclusive Rent Package?

What Payments Are Included in All-Inclusive Rent Package?

Before we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of an all-bills-included apartment for rent, let’s review which payments are typically included in such rent packages.

An all-inclusive rent package will include some or all of the following payments:

  1. Gas and electricity bills: You need gas and electricity for lighting and heating your home. The average gas and electricity bill in the UK can amount to £1,138 per year or £94 per month1.
  2. Water bills: As a tenant, you can pay for the water bill separately, or it may be included in your rent. On average, UK residents pay £415 per year for water (£34.58 per month)2.
  3. Council tax: Council tax is a type of tax that is charged for a residential property. The amount you pay will depend on the council tax band for the rental property and can range between £997 and £2,9903.
  4. Internet: Some landlords also offer an active broadband connection as part of the rent package. This usually costs £18 or more per month. You might also need to pay a little above £5 for installation4.
  5. TV License: If you are planning on watching or recording shows currently being broadcasted on your TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone, then you will need a TV license. These have a yearly cost of £157.50 or £13.30 per month5.
  6. Contents Insurance: Contents insurance offers coverage for your possessions in case they are stolen or get damaged due to a flood, fire, storm, water leak or a burst pipe. The average annual cost of a contents insurance policy is £59.226.

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A happy couple sitting in their Build To Rent home and using a laptop to calculate their monthly bills with documents on the table.

Advantages of Renting an All-Bills-Included Apartment

If you are renting an all-inclusive package property, then your landlord will charge you a fixed amount of rent with your bills included. This can be ideal for renters as they only need to worry about one outgoing payment every month. Some of the most significant advantages of getting an all-bills-included apartment for rent include:

Budgeting Made Easier

If your rent package includes all bill payments and you are paying a fixed amount every month, then it can be easier to budget. Instead of managing multiple payments that may vary, you only need to pay your rent. Moreover, you don’t have to scroll through comparison websites for a better deal and switch suppliers. This can be a lengthy process in itself.

Avoid Additional Move-in Fees

Renting an apartment with an all-inclusive rent package helps you avoid additional move-in fees, such as the setup costs of a new broadband connection. This is usually around £5. You don’t have to deal with any setup delays either, which is a big plus. According to a study, 1 in 3 renters in the UK must deal with unexpected delays in getting a new broadband service set up7.

A happy Build To Rent resident using a calculator and her laptop to budget her monthly expenses and savings while sitting on a sofa.

Avoid Missed Payment Penalties

Having an all-inclusive rent package also limits the possibility of late bill payments and penalties arising from the same. This can save you a lot of money, and you don’t have to stress about managing multiple bills. Once you move out, you don’t have to worry about any outstanding bills that may have arrived after you switched apartments.

You don’t have to worry about council tax and can expect your landlord to pay it on your behalf.

Improve Your Credit Score

Paying your bills on time can help your credit score. Rent payments aren’t normally included in your credit reports. However, you can use rent reporting platforms such as CreditLadder, The Rental Exchange and Canopy to fix that. These platforms can access your bank account and report your rent payments to credit referencing agencies such as Equifax and Experian.

Since you will be paying other bills as part of your rental package, your credit score will automatically improve. Many Build To Rent developers also work with rent reporting platforms like Canopy to offer this service to tenants.

Click here to learn more about credit scores and how paying rent can help improve them.

A Build To Rent resident arranging his bills to be reported on all credit files on the phone with a laptop and notebook on his desk.

Disadvantages of Renting an All-Bills-Included Apartment

While there are plenty of benefits to renting an apartment with an all-inclusive rent package, you should also be aware of some downsides. These include:

Paying a Higher Premium

If you are looking for an all-bills-included apartment for rent, then be prepared to pay a higher rent. This is expected since other costs are built into the price of the rent. With a Build To Rent property, you can also expect other amenities and facilities such as a furnished apartment, free bike storage, parking facilities, free gym access, a private balcony, rooftop gardens and more.

Paying a Flat Rate for Utilities You are Not Using

An all-inclusive rent package will mean paying a flat rate for utilities. Depending on your lifestyle and daily routine, this may not always be advantageous. For instance, if you are living alone and spend a lot of your time at work, then you are paying a fixed amount of money for utilities that you won’t be using for a significant portion of the day. Conversely, if you are working from home or have a family, then this type of rent package can be very beneficial.

A busy tenant sitting on the sofa to review his utility bills that he almost didn't use.

Staying In Control Of Your Expenses

Paying a fixed amount for your bills is great for budgeting. However, you will also lose control over your expenses to some extent. For example, if you have to deal with a sudden expense, then usually you’d cut back on other expenses to make more room in your monthly budget.

An all-inclusive rent package can interfere with this. For instance, you can’t save money by using less electricity or turning the heating down. Simply put, controlling your costs by controlling your consumption won’t make much of a difference here.

Less Flexibility

Renters can try and control energy costs by switching energy suppliers, installing energy-saving appliances and using software such as Look After My Bills that help them switch to more cost-friendly options.

In the case of an all-bills-included rent package, you will have to rely on your landlord and the energy provider they are using for a lower energy bill.

A happy couple sitting in their Build To Rent home and using a laptop to calculate their monthly bills with documents on the table.

Where Can You Find An Apartment With An All-Inclusive Rent Package?

An all-bills-included apartment for rent can offer a great deal of convenience to renters that want to avoid the hassle of paying multiple bills every month. You can also lower the risk of a missed bill payment and streamline your financial obligations to improve your credit score. Depending on your priorities and family size, these apartments can be very beneficial in controlling your monthly expenses. We suggest weighing the pros and cons carefully and making an informed decision before you proceed.

If you are interested in renting a Build To Rent property that offers an all-inclusive rent package, head over to and find your dream apartment today!

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